Career Alliance, Inc.
(formerly: Jobs Central, Inc.)
711 N. Saginaw St., Suite 300
Flint, MI 48503
(810)233-5974    Fax (810)233-8652

Sylvester Broome, Jr. Training Technology Center
4119 N. Saginaw St.
Flint, Mi 48505
(810)787-7985    Fax (810)787-7200

Alicia Booker, President

Career Alliance, Inc. is the administrative entity for federal, state and private grants that fund a variety of workforce development programs such as, Year-round Summer Youth Employment and Training Programs, State Education Coordination Grants, Adult and Older Workers Program, Training Programs and Readjustment Services for the Dislocated Workers, Corrections Programs, Displaced Homemakers, School-To-Work, Work First, Welfare to Work and Career Preparation.  As part of the Michigan Works! Systems, Career Alliance, Inc. provides services to the universal population.  employers, students, persons with disabilities, veterans, welfare recipients, underemployed and unemployed individuals have equal access to services.  These services are available free of charge to all that seek them.


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